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Once you start dating someone its like, impossible to insult them

"suck my dick" ok

“bite me” hell yeah

"kiss my ass" sure

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99% of being a musical theatre fan is singing duets by yourself

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opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s


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Auditions for fall play were today & now I’m just like stressing so much over whether I got in

Honesty Hour, ask me anything! Nothing will go unanswered.

Honesty Hour, ask me anything! Nothing will go unanswered.

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when ur absent from school and you ask the teacher to explain something and they just say ‘well you should have been here’


No let me tell you about this asshole teacher I had for world history. My grandmother passed away so my family went to Arizona to take care of her affairs & for her funeral & when I got back to school all of my teachers actually read the email I sent out about why I was gone & she didn’t. So when I asked her what my missing assignments were she said if you wanted to keep up with your work, you should’ve been here. & I was just like my grandma died… Sorry I wasn’t here to do my work

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who even came up with the word motherfucker in the first place?


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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

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Baby: I...i...i

Mom: What is it, sweetie?

Baby: I thought you did it for me, Mama.

Mom: "I thought you did it for me, Mama. I thought you did it for me, Mama." I thought you turned a no-talent ox into a star because you like to do things the hard way, Mama. And you HAVE no talent. Not what I call talent. Talent for the deaf, dumb and blind maybe, not an ounce of it, Ms Gypsy Rose Lee! I made you. I MADE you. And you wanna know why? You wanna know what I did it for? 'Cause I was born too soon and started too late, that's why. But what I got in ME! What I've been holding down inside of me, if I ever let it out... There wouldn't be signs big enough! There wouldn't be lights bright enough! HERE SHE IS, BOYS! HERE SHE IS WORLD! HERE'S ROSE!


i should nOT BE tuRNED ON BY THAT 

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